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I have a devil in me

by Go Fight



This is a cover of the song "I have a devil in me" by Churchwood. The original can be found here:

This song is free for download for anyone who goes to this URL:

and sends a message to JAM productions stating that you won't go to any of their shows until they rehire the stagehands laid off in October, 2015.


I have a devil in me
he makes me call out your name
he makes me sniff all your shoes
he makes me suck up cocaine
he makes me dance until 4
he makes me cry in the dark
he makes me take off my pants
jack off to you in the park

I have a devil in me
he makes me piss on the floor
he makes me sleep in my car
he makes me lock all my doors
he makes me sit like a dog
he makes me sick in the grass
he makes me roll on the floor
He keeps me touching your ass

I have a devil in me
He makes me take off my clothes
he makes me fall to the ground
He makes me lay there and pose
He makes me play in the mud
He makes me touch myself there
He makes me scream like a child
He makes me growl like a bear

I have the devil in me
He puts my dick in my hand
He makes me draw on a face
Then I make that dick dance
it’s all a relative thing
it’s all a sick kind of shame
He makes me try on your clothes
And then he calls me your name
He makes me bend in the bath
And fucks my ass with his flame
I have a devil in me
I have a devil in me


I have a devil in me
he wants to fuck me all night
he makes me crouch in the shower
ball up my fists and go fight
he makes me piss off the roof
he makes me cry in my hands
he makes me kneel down in church
when all the other folks stands

I have the devil in me
he puts my balls in a vice
he kicks my face when I’m tight
He puts his pins in my eyes
puts up a terrible fight
I have a devil in me
puts up a terrible fight
I have a devil in me


released November 9, 2015




Go Fight Chicago, Illinois

Founded by industrial vocalist/percussionist Jim Marcus, machine-like drummer Vince McAley, and multi-instrumentalist Dan Evans, Go Fight is
possibly the first or second best Electroscuzz Band playing in the Chicago Area, integrating the noisy politics and freedom of Industrial with the relentless dancefloor mantras
of EBM, the synthetic pump of electrohouse, and the electrical power of dubstep.
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