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Tokyo Sexwale

by Go Fight

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Scott Unsung
Scott Unsung thumbnail
Scott Unsung Jim Marcus. An individual who has been laying down some thought provoking tracks for a long while. Go Fight is one hell of a roller coaster. You will do well to listen! Favorite track: Chemical.
Elijah Damien Davis
Elijah Damien Davis thumbnail
Elijah Damien Davis Jim Marcus has been the master of funky Industrial for over 30 years and this album is one of his and his wonderful compatriots' finest albums yet. It's definitely one of the very best of 2018 so don't hesitate, buy this album! Favorite track: Gods Tonight.
PhilintheSpaces thumbnail
PhilintheSpaces This album is well put together. The beats are bold. The lyrics are empowering. I can’t help but move SOMETHING whenever I listen to Go Fight. Tokyo Sexwale first invites you in with open arms on Welcome To The Future. The album pampers you with joyful fun beats and empowering lyrics; sometimes pointed, sometimes silly, always fun. And then Gods Tonight closes out the album perfectly like the closing act in a vaudeville show where everyone comes back out to bid you farewell. Only they are encouraging you to stand tall and reminding you that you are not alone in this fight. Favorite track: Another Fucking Love Song.
jared thumbnail
jared Jim Marcus is a Chicago legend and such an important figurehead to rally behind right now. All my boxes are checked with this release. Great beats, catchy choruses, and important lyrics. Favorite track: Chemical.
Ilker Yücel
Ilker Yücel thumbnail
Ilker Yücel For over three decades, Jim Marcus has been making music that bridges that fine line of being socially conscious and politically aware with music that is entertaining and enjoyable. GoFight's fourth album really digs into the progressive and transgressive issues today and is a call of protest against injustice, to take action and break bad laws, and a message of love to those willing to listen. Bravo!
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This is a racist nation And are the whites are dark And all the dirty parts We shine the light on to survive And ageless death around us Til every ghost has gone demanding change They try their hardest to stay alive Welcome to the future Welcome to the afterworld Welcome to the future We’re walking on the stars tonight They got the reds they’re waving They got the whitest sheets of victory But it’s time to carry on Unbuild these walls they mounted With every brick we lay It’s higher So much higher than today
Monster 03:52
Every morning you testify You’re on the move again And no body can quiet the storm Every day you lose again Play the game again And it’s Just like you were born Ignore the words now Lift up and get away From the monster in your head And we go higher than the sun Higher than the rain We go higher than the sun Higher than the rain Sun rise And you roll away Every other day And your body can feel the dead Gaslight at the stoplight And you sit tight And it’s just like what you dread Keep trying You’re invisible now To the monster in your head Freestyle in the world now up like a rocket ship Your body can touch the sky Leave his lies behind you now You never heard them No one left to lie Keep flying You’re above him now the monster in your head
It almost feels like falling in love Fielding acid rain Satellites Fall from above Building walls for the president That block out the light Bring your chainsaws, hacksaws Clearing the site Hit the motherlode Dig at the Dirt It’s the Payload So cover that hurt Feel the heat now The rotting disease Watch it burn now Just do what you please Stop what you’re doing, cause you’re breaking the skin You’ll never know the pain I’m in Stop what you’re doing, cause you’re breaking the skin You’ll never know the pain I’m in It almost feels like falling asleep We Anesthetize fetishize The things that we keep Building bombs for the future We Do what we will With our gunsites, waste sites Land we can fill Feel the Ozone Pull Away from the clouds It’s a dump zone Far away from the crowds Feel the heat now Coming up from the ground Drop some K-cups Hear that nuclear sound
I don’t want to get beat tonight By anybody but you I don’t want to be lied to and cried on By anybody but you What we can do tonight Is stay home and fight Wait for our song on the radio You change your mind But not this time Today you’re gone Tomorrow you’re gone Don’t play cool - don’t fight fair It’s just another fucking love song Top or bottom, I don’t much care It’s just another fucking love song Wanna fuck me on the floor, now baby baby It’s just another fucking love song Just whore to whore now, baby baby It’s just another fucking love song I don’t want to by hypnotized By anybody but you I don’t want to be crazy and fucked up By anybody but you I don’t want to bang my head on the wall For anybody but you Curl up in a fetal ball With anybody but you What we can do tonight pretend we’re alive Watch how we were on the video I can sit by the screen Sigh while you leave And wonder where you go
Pushing up we’re the blue line So Push it push it Sinking into the bassline So Push it push it Lose your rights and you be mine So Push it push it Everybody Bleed, Everybody Bleed Push you hard at the stop sign So Push it push it You got your rights and I’ve got mine So Push it push it Get your ass to the state line So Push it push it Everybody Bleed, Everybody Bleed Please don’t let me die I can’t breathe I don’t have a gun Stop shooting at me Mom I’m going to college I love you, too You shot me you shot me Why do you have your guns out did you shoot me following me for Please don’t let me die It’s not real Shoot me now Kill me now I didn’t do nothing don’t wanna die too young I can’t breathe I need a pump
Chemical 04:19
In the night when you’re all alone Flipping through your phone Being the lonely one Have no faith in what you wanna be And the sky is fallen The sky is fallen Give me some people All be all right Give me a show In the spotlight Give me some time now To be right again Give me the uniform And I’ll say when This guy It’s all chemical He’s not the one you want He’s not the one you want This girl It’s all chemical She’s not the one you want She’s not the one you want In the night when they’re all asleep You’re a satellite Not a planet right can’t believe what you cannot see Swiping left and right 3am at night Give me some people All be all right Give me a show In the spotlight Give me some time now To be right again Give me the uniform And I’ll say when
You on the dance floor Shaking shaking ass Leaning up on the wall now Everything you are I’ve been thinking a bright light now And everything goes out I can feel you underneath my skin In my muscles, it’s the body you’re in When you touch me I can’t find my way When you move in that fucked up way You are the drug The Physical Kind I’m on the nod when you get me off shoot you up tonight You in your pictures I seen you around Half up in that dress The other half is down I can be anything Anything you need Some daddy some time Maybe I can feel you underneath my skin In my muscles, it’s the body you’re in When you touch me I can’t find my way When you move in that fucked up way
Pussy 03:50
C’mon Baby Don’t build that wall Gonna legislate that ass Tap that booty in the hall So presidential It’s circumscised there’s no problem that department Tweet you right between the eyes I got my Putin Gonna be the king I’m the orange man of muscle Cause rich is everything Gonna make it great Gonna make it so Gonna take my little hands, baby Grab that pussy, let’s go Back alley baby wire hanger time my executive decision Says it happens every time We all alone it’s just tremendous no off-white, blacks or mexicans or retards to offend us On that boat With all you guys We’re closing up the borders while I open up these thighs
I got a boy who lives next door Likes to dance with me nice and slow Says I can do it any way I choose it It’s not his first rodeo He likes the guys in the park Likes the guys who can dress like they wanna be Shameless and choosy and every kind of usey And they spend a little time with me I’m all right Queer the world Queer the World I got a girl who lives downtown Likes to look me in the eyes at night Kiss me on the lips She can taste her little hips Back and forth a bit all night She’s got a girl she likes all right Who comes to visit her whenever she can With a fine leather strap And an ass to slap She can be her plastic man I’m all right
Civilized 03:47
Caveman Living it up Maybe we can be too kind Some animal Praying to the future Inside of this big rewind We get up We get mean It means everything to me We get up We get mean Take it all to the streets We’re free We’re unstoppable And we’re not so civilized Rise up Like a finely honed machine Taking to the sky Grown Man Lighting a fire Maybe we can be too bold Prey Animal Outlasts the winter Until their pelts get sold We get up We get mean It means everything to me We get up We get mean Take it all to the streets
I am Superman Ugly American I got Chemtrails And the body of God I got emails And the Bible out loud No hindsight And the money is king Hesitation Is just a government thing
 I am Superman Ugly American And I won’t Let Go And I won’t Let Go In the past I come alive Forward is my suicide I am Superman Weak Chinned American We go balls out We’re the whitest of white Got our claws out It’s a national fight We’re aryan Torches so bright
from Walmart Where the prices are right
 I am Superman Weak Chinned American
Don’t Stop 04:04
Don’t stop Gimme your eyes, your hands Don’t stop I am the aerosol man Don’t stop Live with it while you can Don’t Stop Now motherfucker Stop Now motherfucker I can see you’re sinking now see your head is dropping low see you mind is in the water see you found a way to go I can be right where you are I can hold your head up high I can be the thing you need I can be the thing you need I can feel you falling down feel your body drop away feel you moving in the undertow feel you push me out the way I can be right where you are I can hold your head up high I can be the thing you need I can be the thing you need 
Gods Tonight 04:03
Loud ass system Winding through the road it’s tight Watching satellite On the bus all night Awake for two days It’s the worst hotel you’ve ever seen In every state between And you don’t know where Every bag is missing Every thing you owned is gone away Buy it back some day When you chose what’s home No one knows you Can’t hear you on the radio Doesn’t matter, though But don’t don’t give up Don’t give up Don’t let em get you down Though they're gonna let you down We are gods tonight Don’t give up Don’t let em get you down Though they're gonna let you down We are gods tonight One more song now The stage is home and that’s enough All the other stuff You know it’s nothing real Close your eyes now The lights around you black and white But you got the colors right


released July 31, 2018

Go Fight has been:

Jim Marcus; Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Synths, Noise
Daniel Evans: Bass, Guitar, Synths, Noise
Vince McAley: Drums, Percussion, Noise
Mission Marcus: Bass, Guitar, Noise

All Songs written and performed by:
Marcus, Evans, McAley, Marcus

Lyrics to “The Blue Line” By:
Eric Garner
Michael Brown
Amadou Diallo
Sean Bell
Oscar Grant
Kenneth Chamberlain
Kendrec McDade
Trayvon Martin
Kimani Grey
Jonathan Ferrel
John Crawford
Kajieme Powell
Sam DuBose
Christian Taylor

Recorded at:
Go Station, Superior Street

Jim Marcus, Dan Evans

Produced, Mixed and Mastered at:
Go Station

Jim Marcus

Photography by:
Amanda Tea, Jim Marcus, Paul Christopher Greene

Video by:
Paul Christopher Greene

Cate McFarland, Amanda Tea, Roger, Nat, Hinako


The album is covered under Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Special thanks to:
James Martin, Jon Schy, Genesis Silva, for their enduring friendship, professional help and support.

Special thanks to our scene mates for a lifetime of inspiration, support, friendship, and great music:

Ego Likeness, Stoneburner, FIRES, The Rain Within, AngelSpit, Leaether Strip, The Sweat Boys, I:Scintilla, The Gothsicles, Bells into Machines, Cyanotic, Caustic, Michael Hawk, Rodney Anonymous, _the boundless_, Blutengel, The Dead Room, Lorelei Dreaming, Head of a Girl, Silver Walks, Un5ub5ex, Gary Numan, Haujobb, Terrorfakt, Tweaker, Am Tierpark, MNPLTR, Microwaved, Spider Lillies, The Cocks, Panic Room, Everything Goes Cold, Red Lokust, En Esch, Ad•ver•sary, KMFDM, DJ Senseless, Jane Jensen, Dissonance, Pigface, Fallon Bowman, Ivardensphere, Squid Lid, FGFC820, Wiccid, Revco, Venus in Aries, Plack Blague, Beauty Queen Autopsy, More Machine than Man, REin[Forced], Chant, StromKern, Binary Park, Primitive Race, Chris Connelly, Bile, The Skatenigs, White Shadow, Ministry, Christ Analogue, Cop Shoot Cop, Standard Issue Citizen, The Swans, Nine Inch Nails, The Clay People, City of the Weak, Gabriel and the Apocalypse, Juno Reactor, Snog, Ghost Feeder, Meat Beat Manifesto, Cubanate, Interface, Null Device, Acumen Nation, Bella Morte, Aesthetic Perfection, Cocksure, Sister Machine Gun, Ayria, Ladytron, Mr. Kitty, Decoded Feedback, God Module, Adoration Destroyed, The Ludovico Technique, Kanga, Pig, Frontline Assembly, Naked Raygun, Hate Dept. Muet, The Bellwether Syndicate, ohGr, Cabaret Voltaire, Dope Stars Inc., Douglas McCarthy, The Echodroides, Nurse with Wound, Prude, Praga Khan, Panic Lift, Blue Eyed Chris, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, SHIV-R,PAKT, Front 242, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Bygone era, Emilie Autumn, Accessory, 16 Volt, Numb, Suicide Commando, Kloq, The Dreaming/Stabbing Westward, SuperJane, Chemlab, Pegby, Puscifer, C-Tec, And One, Apoptygma Berzerk, The Birthday Massacre, Clan Of Xymox, Electric Six, Velvet Acid Christ, am.psych, Assemblage 23, Imperative Reaction, Prometheus Burning, Encoder, Selexia, WulfBand, And everyone we missed.

30 years ago, I was in a band called Die Warzau. We released an album, Disco Rigido, our first full length record. The first song was a dystopic exercise called “Welcome to America” and the very first line on that entire album was “This is a Racist Nation.”

Today, as Go Fight, we released an album where the very first line is, again, “This is a Racist Nation.” Because despite how much progress has been made in the last 30 years, it’s still true. Because this is still the America of Michael Brown and Dylan Roof, a penal system that, by every standard, is stacked against people of color, and a fanatical percentage of the population that could never believe that Barack Obama was an American, despite the obvious citizenship of his mother just because of his color.

We can’t fail to focus on the problems we have in this country, because that’s what we do. We focus on problems, fix them and then sit vigilant, making sure we don’t slip back into the past.

But we can’t forget why. We do it out of a deep and informed belief that the future is a better place than we can imagine. And that people are good and can live there. That’s the innate mental heroics of a modern progressive. To fight against problems, many caused by small spirited, mean, and cruel people, and still believe, without question, that people are good, that they, if given the chance, will be better, and that they are resources, not drains, Solutions, not problems, heroes, not, on the inside, villains.

We have no choice but to position people as the part of the universe that is an end unto itself, deserving of our love, worthy of every effort we can put together today. Because that is the “battery” of progressivism, our understanding that there is a dignity to every thinking, living person, knowing that we will, as time goes on, need to expand the term “personhood” to apply to so many animals, to Artificial intelligences, and one day, maybe, to people from other Planets.

We can’t fail to fight but we can’t fail to love, either. And If people are deserving of our dignity, our love, our compassion, each of us is. Every one of us. And that means you, too.

So many of us would not hesitate to stop and rip off our shirts and dive in and save a drowning person, because that is the simple-to-understand execution of what we believe. That people are important. And it’a not just belief that progressives share. This idea fits into so many world views. And when you dive in to save someone you do justice to that idea.

But many people who would not think twice about diving in to save someone else, won’t do what is needed to save themselves. When they are tired and want it all to stop and don’t think they can keep on going. They might think everyone is worth digging out of the water except them, that everyone is deserving of a rescue but just not them.

It is the hardest thing to drag yourself out of the water. But we can all build lifesavers. We can turn to friends and family and make sure we have someone we can call to help us out of the water. We can do work on the days we feel like we can. We can get up on a good day and build a guardrail around the pool to NO ONE falls in, not even us.

A lot of people will tell you that you are important, and that may not resonate on the day it needs to, when the monster in your head says you aren’t. When that monster who told Kurt Cobain, Chester Bennington, Dolores O’Riordan, Chris Cornell, Wendy O Williams, Ian Curtis, and so many other amazing people tells you that you don’t matter either. I don’t have any illusions that me, some far away guy who happened to make a record is going to make a difference.

But I can, hopefully, plant in your head the idea that the Monster is a liar. It lies. It lied to those people above and it’s lying to you. You are more important than anything, more deserving than you can imagine, and you have so much work to do. As an artist, as a speaker, as a person of compassion, as an LGBTQ person, as a football player, as a visionary, as a bricklayer, as a dancer, as a voice for someone else who isn’t here, as someone who just doesn’t know WHAT they are yet.

You can tell the truth.

And even if that’s all you can do today, please stay and do that.




Go Fight Chicago, Illinois

Founded by industrial vocalist/percussionist Jim Marcus, machine-like drummer Vince McAley, and multi-instrumentalist Dan Evans, Go Fight is
possibly the first or second best Electroscuzz Band playing in the Chicago Area, integrating the noisy politics and freedom of Industrial with the relentless dancefloor mantras
of EBM, the synthetic pump of electrohouse, and the electrical power of dubstep.
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